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Lee Chong Wei Girlfriends


Is Lee Chong Wei getting married? There’s hardly any news or gossip about badminton star Datuk Lee Chong Wei‘s love life. The last we heard was that he was marrying his team mate, Wong Mew Choo, but that was about it. Not many even knew that they broke up.

Lee Chong Wei & Wong Mew Choo

That is such the low profile and humble man Chong Wei seems to be, that people tend to see him as a person who is putting focus on his career as a national/international badminton player. He is very much passionate about the sport but on the rare occasion that Lee was seen partying in some clubs, people quickly blamed the incident for his poor performance on the court. However, being a public figure and among the most well-known Malaysians, he doesn’t and surely can’t escape from gossip about his love life every now and then.

Wong Mew Choo

So is he a man who loves toying with women’s hearts, melting them and then walking away just like any other Casanovas? Well, he doesn’t look like the type to fool around. Once, he was rumoured that going to get married with Wong Mew Choo, also a well known badminton player (now coaching national juniors at Bukit Jalil Sports School). It was said that they were in a 9-year relationship before breaking up in 2009, something that was announced by Wong herself. However, the pair seems to be back together as they were spotted at Sepang International Circuit watching the F1 race together. Rumors also circled saying that Chong Wei had generously bought Mew Choo an Audi after he won the All England championship in 2011.

Hwang Hye-youn

Does he have any other girls around him when he “took the time off” from Mew Choo (or was it Mew Choo who took time off from him instead)? There were but only a few. Interestingly, all of them are badminton players! So Lee has a thing for women who share a love for the sport, eh? First, there was a Korean lady, Hwang Hye-youn. She was blamed for the break-up between Chong Wei and Mew Choo where they were said to have a ‘small relationship’ in 2008 when Chong Wei was undergoing training in South Korea for the Hyderabad World Championship.

Wang Lin

Following the break-up, the next year saw Chong Wei rumoured to be in a relationship with another badminton player, Wang Lin, playing singles in the Chinese team. Chong Wei shrugged it off playfully when he laughingly said “You guess?” upon the question of his rumored new girlfriend. And then the last rumor paired him with China’s No. 2, Wang Yihan.

Wang Yihan

However, the announcement made by Chong Wei’s father in 2011 left the public speculating that the star is going to end his singlehood with his long-time girlfriend Wong Mew Choo. Chong Wei’s father elaborated that the couple will get married in August 2012 after 11 years of courting and the reception is said to be held in Genting Highlands.

Well, that’s the news for now and nobody knows for sure, so let’s wait and see. If the wedding bells ring indeed, we wish them all the best and may it be a happy and blessing union for a couple who has been together for so long, who have stayed true and devoted to each other through the thick and the thin of 11 years!

  1. Thomas Noreen Chang says:

    I wish Chong Wei all the best in winning A GOLD Medal for Malaysia. And we all know he will make it.

  2. Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo are so cute together 🙂

  3. We pray that Chong Wei will clinch two goals- the gold medal and the heart of his beloved girl friend.

  4. Elena Ruran says:

    DLCW.. im really really proud of you !!

  5. This is all very interesting!

  6. so sad 2 listen ur love story……i 2 con

  7. Docchoon says:

    Congratulations for marrying Wong Mew Choo. Why did Chong Wei gave his son an English name “Kingston” rather than a Chinese name since both parents are pure Chinese. We are no longer under the British colonial rules and it has been over 50 years and need still to be part of them. We should be proud of our own heritage as Malaysian Chinese and not still look up to the West who have taken a lot from us. Look at the Japanese and Koreans, although their name are difficult to pronounce by foreigners, they will not use an English name as they are proud of their heritage. Even the former Prime Minister of Singapore gave up his English name which his grandfather gave him.

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