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Lee Chong Wei Book – Dare to be a champion


Datuk Lee Chong Wei is not one who needs introduction. This amazing professional badminton player has risen from humble beginnings to become world number one, a title he has held since 2008. He has won so many titles and medals in his career that this Malaysian sportsman has been regarded as a national hero by the Prime Minister himself, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.

A Hero Was Born

However, Chong Wei’s success was not achieved overnight but through many years of hard work. Having a great attitude helps too. Born on October 21, 1982, this Penang boy’s first love was basketball. It was in order to please his mother, who had thought that he was getting too tanned from all the basketball games, that he chose to take up an in-door game ie badminton. And like they say, the rest is history.

Dare to be a Champion

He has gone on to win, among others, the Malaysian Open, Korea Open, Japan Open, All England, and bagging gold medal for Commonwealth Games and the silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games.

An Autobiography – Dare to be a Champion

He has recently published an autobiography, which is one of the few shuttlers’ biographies around. It is titled “Dare to be a Champion: Lee Chong Wei”.

In his book, Chong Wei shares his story about how he came to be where he is today. Readers will be able to follow his journey from humble beginnings to becoming the top badminton player in the world today. According to Chong Wei, the autobiography has captured plenty of interesting moments during his badminton career including triumphs and defeats in the courts as well as his thoughts and goals for the future.

The autobiography is currently being priced at RM38 for the English version and RM35 for the Chinese version. This paperback autobiography is published by Bukuganda Digital & Publication and is available in most local book stores eg MPH, Popular and Kinokuniya.

The book was a huge success during the pre-launch sales back on 15 January 2012 in Putra Stadium where a limited number of 300 copies were sold out.

An Inspiration

But for Chong Wei, it is not so much about the book sales but rather for being an inspiration to youngsters and to encourage them to have a dream.

Here’s an excerpt from the autobiography, courtesy of The Star. In it, Chong Wei tells about what he went through during the prestigious 2011 BMF World Championship final against Lin Dan of China.

“Lin Dan was my opponent in the final. He walked to the court under the glaring light. Grasping the attention of the world, here we were, on the stage.

We had met each other on the court many times and knew each others’ style of play very well. In the first set, the score was fairly even.

Breathtaking climaxes from varied plays and tactics overwhelmed the crowd and intensified the atmosphere. I played carefully and decisively….

Lin Dan won the BWF World Championship for the fourth time.
We were both worthy opponents in the final as we fought hard till the last. I walked towards coach Tey with a smile. We hugged each other. We both knew we have tried our best. More importantly, I had displayed a stronger mentality compared to the past.

I accepted the defeat without any bitterness.”

Here, you are able to sense his excitement, his anxiety and then his aspiration. There was no anger or tantrum that we so often see in the sports arena. Instead, he chose to move on after the defeat. And move on he did. Chong Wei went on to avenge his loss by beating his arch rival Lin Dan in the 2012 Korea Open final and subsequently winning the title too.

There are many such moments in Chong Wei’s book. But one trait that one will continuously encounter in the book is his perseverance, fierce determination and never-give-up attitude. It’s this attitude that has led him to overcome life’s challenges to be standing where he is today, enjoying the fruits of his labor.

The message that he want to share with his readers is to dare to dream big dreams and to never give up. As he puts in his words: “I have written about my humble beginnings. I hope my struggles and challenges will inspire them to go the extra mile.

So grab a copy of “Dare to be a Champion: Lee Chong Wei” today and be inspired.

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    How could I buy the Chinese Edition of “Dare to be a Champion”

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  2. Anyone knows how I can buy the English version in US California? Thanks a lot for any info..

  3. I want to be like Dato’ Lee Chong Wei…
    Becasue he is very champions in badminton players..
    I hope i will play badminton with Dato’ Lee Chong Wei

  4. i am a huge fan off yours i am just wishing you a very good luck to the 2016 olympics please defeat lin dan and dare to be a champion

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  6. please sir win the rio olympics defeat lin dan and dare to be a champion we are there to support you till we breathe our last breath

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  7. You are a legend plzzzzz win the rio

  8. Gennifer Aguirre says:

    How could I buy this book from México or USA?

    I’m interesting in one version in spanish

    Do you can help me?

    Genni 🙂

  9. Chaitanya Kalbhairav says:

    Hello my Badminton Hero Mr Lee Chong Wei
    I am not able to get this book in India. Can I get copy of it ? Pl leg me know the payment gateway.


    Chiatanya Kalbhairav

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