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Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s Badminton Rackets


Malaysia’s most famous athlete, Datuk Lee Chong Wei won his first title at the Malaysian Open in 2004. He has since then bagged the same title six times consecutively, along with a silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games. In 2010, Datuk Lee added another shining glory to his winning portfolio with the gold won at the YONEX All England Open after defeating Japan player, Kenich Tago.

Lee Chong Wei racket

Fans of Datuk Lee would recognize this national badminton player’s signature moves which combine fast reaction times with quick movements and extraordinary defensive play. Besides coveting his skilful prowess in badminton, many junior players around the world have also taken great interest in uncovering the types of rackets (or racquets) used by Datuk Lee.

What rackets Lee Chong Wei use

Datuk Lee is believed to have started his badminton career with the YONEX MP88, although critics have commented that this racquet model is suitable only for beginners due to the ease of swing. The MP88 is also easier to manoeuvre as compared to the YONEX MP33 and has a larger surface area.

Following that, Datuk Lee would be spotted wielding the YONEX NanoSpeed 9000 in 2006 followed by the YONEX NanoSpeed 8000 model, but he has also been known to sport the NanoSpeed 9900, a lighter counterpart to the 9000 model with a stiff shaft.

Taufik Hidayat Arcsaber Z Slash
Taufik Hidayat with Arcsaber Z Slash

In 2009, the YONEX Arcsaber Z Slash was favored at the Japan Open. Upon closer inspection, the Arcsaber Z Slash meets all technical requirements and is similar to the racket that Lin Da uses, the Li Ning AS10 model!

What is Lee Chong Wei Favorite Racket

Yonex Armotec 900

Datuk Lee heavily favors the YONEX Armotec 900PLC, which was custom-made especially for him in a bright, proud yellow. At first glance, this YONEX model is visually appealing with its black frame sides and a white top to symbolize the colors of the Malayan tiger. According to Datuk Lee, the color yellow was particularly chosen as a symbol of pride in playing for the Malaysian team whereas the whiteness expresses the lightning-fast movements of his every swing. Upon closer inspection, an intense blue hue can be found on both sides of the frame as a representation of the tiger’s eyes!

The YONEX Armotec 900PLC features the Power Armor System which is based on the principles of gravitational acceleration and high-repulsion properties inherently found in various titanium alloys. All Armotec rackets can generate 4% increase in speed without foregoing stability and robustness. Meanwhile, the Nanoscale Elastic Ti technology embedded into the racquet provides high elasticity needed to produce a powerful rebound effect. Unlike regular racquet strings, the Elastic Ti can resist deformation and recover quickly during impact with a fully energized swing!

The Control Support Cap also provides a wider flat surface area (approximately 88%) which then allows for easier handling, gripping, faster follow-through and easier manoeuvrability.

While most racket players struggle to choose between heavily constructed racquets which increases power delivery but reduces the racquet handling speed and lighter racquets which deliver speedy movement at the cost of decrease in power, the TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM embodies the best of both frame types due to the use of Carbon Nanotube, which is ideal racket material consisting of epoxy resin tightly bounded to carbon fibres to create a strong material construction with high strength, despite the fact that the Vlotric Z-Force also sports the thinnest shaft in YONEX history.

Voltric Z Force

Besides an upgrade in material type, the Voltric Z-Force also features a larger frame cross-section and improved stiffness.

In a controlled environment, test results have shown that these tweaks allow the shuttle cock to travel over 25km/h faster relative to a regular shot taken with a conventional racquet. Consequently, a smash shot executed with the Voltric Z-Force will also be difficult to deflect.

Lee Chong Wei racquet

In 2012, Datuk Lee Chong Wei has provided positive feedback and performance with the Voltric Z-Force. So far, he has already won the Korea Open Superseries Premier and Malaysian Open Superseries 2012 with this latest racquet model. While it remains to be seen on whether or not Datuk Lee will swap his racquet in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games, the Voltric Z-Force remains exceptional for its flexibility and ability to amplify the energy of the swing, making it a favorite tool of professional badminton players.

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