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Datuk Lee Chong Wei and the 2012 Thomas Cup


Since the 90’s, the Thomas Cup has been the most popular badminton event in terms of generating player and sports interest in member nations of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), relative to the badminton competitions at the Olympic Games, All-England Championships and BWF World Championships. In comparison, the Thomas Cup is viewed as the most prestigious badminton event conducted once every two years. To date, only three countries have managed to raise the Thomas Cup. Indonesia has won thirteen times whereas China (the current cup holder) has triumphed with eight titles. Malaysia has so far won five out of the twenty six Thomas Cup tournaments held.

During the 2012 Thomas Cup tournament held from the 20th to the 27th of May at Wuhan, China, World Number One and team skipper badminton player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei was the hot favorite to helm Malaysia’s bid for the Thomas Cup. Tragically, Datuk Lee suffered from an early injury at his ankle during the Group C tie against Denmark at the Wuhan Sports Gymnasium Centre!

Peter Gade Christensen

During the tragic incident, 29-year-old Datuk Lee was seen landing awkwardly when retrieving a shot at the baseline from his opponent, Peter-Gade Christensen of Denmark. After the fall, audiences gasped in disbelief as Datuk Lee clutched on to his ankle and shrieked in pain.

A meager score of only 2-3 in favor of Denmark and the help of the tournament doctors were insufficient to help Malaysia’s Number One badminton player continue the game, and Datuk Lee bravely limped his way to Christensen and conceded defeat with tears in his eyes. With that deed done, he was then wheeled out and was taken to a nearby hospital by the waiting ambulance team.

A Hero’s Defeat

Approximately 24 hours later, Datuk Lee Chong Wei fielded questions from reporters at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans have been taken in China and in Malaysia, from which proper treatment for his ankle will be derived from. According to the National Sports Institute (NSI) chief executive officer Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz, Datuk Lee will not require ankle surgery, but must rest for approximately four weeks to completely heal.

Lee Chong Wei - Thomas Cup 2012

Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s easy defeat to Denmark proved to be a foreshadowing of Malaysia’s overall performance as both of the country’s double pairs (Tan Boon Heong and How Hoon Thein, Koo Kien Keat and Goh V Shem) also lost their matches to Denmark. In the absence of Datuk Lee, the highlight was the quarter-final match between young Malaysian Liew Daren against Datuk Lee’s rival, Lin Dan from China. Although Lin Dan easily overcame the match in 55 minutes, Lin Dan has been quoted saying that, “Daren has shown potential and can be the next star for Malaysia. Chong Wei will not be around for long and it looks like Malaysia can now rely on Daren to take over.” China would then go on to win this year’s Thomas Cup by beating South Korea 3-0.

Malaysia Boleh!

Despite their ongoing battle for coveted gold medals at various badminton tournaments, Lin Dan also remains Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s fervent supporter and best friend. The four-time world champion has also openly encouraged Datuk Lee to recover fast enough so they can once again challenge each other at the 2012 Olympics on July 28.

Although Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek has remained neutral on whether or not Datuk Lee will recover from his injury and be fit in time for the London Olympics in July, national coach Tey Seu Bock has already been actively planning out how Chong Wei can achieve speedy recovery before the London Games begin.

Lee Chong Wei injured

Datuk Lee’s regiment would commence once he can walk without having to apply any pressure on his injured ankle, with specific focus on upper body exercises. More importantly, coach Tey stresses that Datuk Lee would require a stout mind and heart to recover quickly after such an injury.

At age 29, this could very well be the last chance for Datuk Lee to clinch a gold medal at any Olympics game. What do you think of Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s chances of winning the first ever Olympics Gold for Malaysia?

  1. Rana Waqar says:

    Hello Sir Lee chong wei, we love you so much. We are satisfied with your performance in London Olympics. This is our request to you:- please dont retire from badminton, please please we want to see you more… May Allah bless you.

  2. theebashini says:

    Dato lee chong wei, how are u? i have sent u 2 messages but u didnt reply at all. I am worried because i told my Chinese friends about this website. They are so surprised, you know?

    Please reply me as soon as possible… please don’t retire from badminton we want to see u in more games, may god bless you. If you’re not a player become a coach.

    Bye, keep in touch with me.

  3. samurialim says:

    Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, I’m a big fan of yours!

  4. Samuel Lim Wei Ze says:

    Bless your injuries! 🙂

  5. samurialim says:

    Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, I’m a big fan of yours!:]

  6. Samuel Lim Wei Ze says:

    Bless your injuries Dato’Lee Chong Wei.:) I’m also a big fan of yours:)

  7. Bong . . . is he the next Badminton Super Star ?

  8. Jaya Deep Pradhan says:

    Congts sir m ur big fan. I love ur playng style.

  9. karthick ravishankar says:

    sir lee chong wei, I am a great and awestruck fan of u!!! as well as i’m too a badminton player i lve u one day i’ll play with u!!!main thing i just want to meet u and talk to u and be a friend of u!!!:)

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